Coffee, a totally legal drug you can drink:  Caffeine!

January 27, 2015

It’s a fact.  Most guys under 20 NEVER drink coffee!  Why?  Cause, well, they never have before.  Mommy and daddy always said, ‘No!’  Besides.  Guys tried it when they were like 10.  It burned their tongues and it tasted like, well, shit!  Hahahhaa…

BUT!  What if scientists have proof it BOOSTS your athletic performance during a game?  Yeah!  Here’s what an article says a cup of coffee will do for you:

  1. Burns 15% more calories. For up to 3 hours after the game!  So?  Want that 6-pack to pop? Totally blast away that belly fat!
  2. Improves circulation.  Up to 30% boost in circulation results in improved oxygenation.  So? That means improved performance in physical activities!
  3. Reduces ‘perceived’ pain: University studies show it reduces the pain athletes feel from muscle soreness more than aspirin!
  4. Improves endurance! A cup of coffee makes workouts and games easier by more than 11% because you feel more powerful!
  5. Reduces risk of injuries. Coffee releases a brain chemical called BDNF which supports muscle power!
  6. Coffee makes you smarter! Why? Because it blocks the brain chemical Adenosine and, by doing so, improves reaction times, vigilance and cognitive functions.
  7. Improves memory! Coffee enhances your memory!  It is proven to enhance long-term memory over time.  Think exams!
  8. Lowers depression risk! How?  By helping your brain produce serotonin and dopamine which keep you in good spirits!
  9. Coffee ‘wakes you up’! Oh yeah!  Caffeine, baby!  Spent the night with your boo?  Regain stamina and get focused with a cup of joe!
  10. Coffee makes you feel happier. It contains numerous antioxidants and nutrients. It’s proven to lower risk of Alzheimer’s in old age.

Here’s the article link: 20 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Don’t drink coffee yet?  Come on!  You’re getting to be a big boy now!  I’m telling you!  Acquire the taste soon.  Truth:  Real men drink coffee.  Little boys don’t.  Now that’s a fact.

Oh. And, btw.  Choose your coffee wisely!  All coffee is NOT the same.  There’s plenty of crappy coffee for sale everywhere.  Bad news is, concession stand coffee is pure burnt puke.  Here’s the type for men:  Columbian Coffee.  That’s NOT a brand.  It’s a type.  It’s sold by many major coffee brands.  Maxwell House, Keurig, and so on.  “Columbian” coffee means it’s made only with coffee beans from Columbia.  Simply the best in the world.  It’s a ‘medium-strength’ coffee that tastes the best.  Use a little sugar to sweeten it up.  Just a small cup before practice or a game will do you!

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