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Plane Crash!

Dramatic footage shows the moment a passenger jet hits a bridge.

Charlie's Class

Coffee, a totally legal drug you can drink:  Caffeine!

January 27, 2015

It’s a fact.  Most guys under 20 NEVER drink coffee!  Why?  Cause, well, they never have before.  Mommy and daddy always said, ‘No!’  Besides.  Guys tried it when they were like 10.  It burned their tongues and it tasted like, well, shit!  Hahahhaa…

BUT!  What if scientists have proof it BOOSTS your athletic performance during a game?  Yeah!  Here’s what an article says a cup of coffee will do for you: Continue Reading

The honest truth...

Legal at 18? Or, keep the legal age at 21?

Many guys will enter military service right out of high school. Some will take the summer off before boot camp and just party. Some won’t waste any time at all and get right to defending our country. Others will head off to college life and, for most of them, the living life on their own for the first time.

All of these guys will be 18 or slightly older. Many of them will vote for the first time too. They will help choose the political cronies and crooks who run our cities, towns and country. They can drive a tank for the Marines. They can sure drive a car. They can get married. Or, not. They can have sex too. No worries about the girl’s dad. So. No more sneaking around. Freedom, dude! Continue Reading

NFL Super Bowl XLIX

Late goal line interception seals fate for Seahawks after they had the game in their grasp. Pats’ Malcolm Butler snatches victory from the jaws of defeat!

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll shoulders the blame for calling possibly the dumbest play in the history of the Super Bowl. “I made the decision to throw the ball. Nobody to blame but me.”